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Origami Owl Convention Chicago 2015 Recap

The-19 year old Bella lit up the stage of the highly anticipated 2015 Origami Owl Convention with her personality, her musical talents, and even her beautiful sense of style and fashion.  This weekend was spent with 5,000 Ind. Designers who came for training and development, team building and leadership, and a whole lot of fun.

Origami Owl Chicago Tribune

Many remember her as the 14 year old that brought a dream to fruition with the sales of lockets and charms which is now replicated by 65,000 Ind. Designers nationwide. Being my 3rd Origami Owl Convention, I have already made many great memories but this year is my favorite yet.  I took plenty of pictures and lots more video on the happenings of my days from Wednesday morning July 22 to – Saturday night July 25.  The videos have been posted up on my Origami Owl Facebook Page, as well as my YouTube Channel {LocketsNcharms}.

Everything was so memorable. Days were filled with convention events and the nights were filled with sight-seeing with new-found friends. Many firsts occurred in Chicago: riding a train, eating Chicago deep dish pizzas, and using a selfie-stick.  I loved the sights and the old buildings with its unique architecture and art that lined the streets of downtown.  Contagious energy filled the streets and intertwined with diverse culture and eateries and shopping galore, but what tops my list of happy were all the people that I got to meet and got to hang with.  Everyone treated me as if we have been long-lost friends eager to unite once again.

Origami Owl official Convention video

Above is a video recap of the ‘Find Your Happy’ o2experience15 Convention 2015 sent out by Origami Owl for all to see what went on, what many have missed,  and what they can expect if they should come to next year’s Origami Owl Convention.

Want to see more vids, remember to check out my videos posted on my Origami Owl Facebook Page, as well as my YouTube Channel {LocketsNcharms}.


o2experience15 Origami Owl Convention Jennylou team

I close here with a few pictures from the closing event – the Roaring 2os party!  I had a blast dancing and eating more sugar than I should.  I am so blessed to be in this Origami Owl journey with these women who have brought life and love and lots of happy to my Origami Owl life. I would love to see you there at next year’s convention.  Will you be there dancing the night away with me?

Origami Owl o2experience15 Gigi Jennylou

Take it from Gigi:

Eternity Lanyard Locket – 2 Looks 1 Locket {video}

How-to video on a look posted by Origami Owl on their Instagram. This is the Eternity Lanyard Locket in Rosegold attached to a Lanyard Wheat Chain also in Rosegold – 2 looks, 1 locket. You may purchase the 2 items directly from me or on my site at http://locketsandcharms.OrigamiOwl.com – Shop – Lockets – Lanyard Locket.

*** Do note that Eternity Lockets do not have the ability to hold a locket base and therefore unable to hold charms. The other lanyard locket by Origami Owl require a Large twist Locket Face and can hold charms. Both Lanyard Lockets can be worn in the same upside down fashion as shown in this video. *** Questions? Reach me here or on my blog http://locketsandcharms.com. Thanks for watching!

How to Be Known in Your Origami Owl Business

Yesterday, I resurrected a blog post from 2013 where I talked about the importance of bringing value to those we meet in networking groups.  I stated that instead of talking about my products for the 8 mins I was allotted (it’s what people do with it), I used the time to help them with their business. I brought value to them instead of me trying to make them understand the value of my products.  How did I do this and what did I share with them?

Be Known Be Likeable Jennylou Quote

I shared with them the importance of people getting to know them and how they can be known and be liked, while they are everywhere else or asleep. I shared my personal experiences and results and if they wanted it too, it’s time they make the change in one aspect of their business. I stated that if a mom with 2 little kids with no car and no money for a sitter can excel in business because of what I have done, especially in a party plan business, they definitely can too.

What am I talking about here? I am  talking about establishing an online presence. People are going to look you up and your business and it is up to you what they will see.  What is popping up when that happens? Is it crickets or plenty of your not-so-shining moments at a frat party?  Make your online first impressions count because, like I said, people do business with people they know and like, so be known and be likeable.

Having an online presence in the form of a blog or any of the numerous social media platforms can help business on top of what they already do.  They are, after all, already there to meet people.  Why not have a way for people to learn more about them and reconnect beyond the initial point of contact.  An online presence transcends the human limits of time and place.

Now I am asking you, are you giving people the opportunity to get to know you and like you, even while you sleep? People don’t like to do business with strangers. It’s time to stop being a stranger. Be known and be likeable.

Are you ready?  Don’t worry or fret too much over the process.  Get started with how you will get online.  Will it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, or a blog?  Decide and get on it.  It is not until you get online can you be likeable online.  If you’re not online at all, what’s there to like? Being online is not going to make your business go from zero to hero but it will boost what you already do.  Give it a shot. Your business will thank you and you will thank you.

Bringing Value to People, Not Just Products #NetworkingGroups

In the journalistic spirit of ‘throwback thursday,’ aka #tbt I share with you my blog post originally published March 29, 2013.


If you’ve been in some time as an independent contractor or solopreneur for any company, you may have had your try at attending networking events.  People go to these things to drum up business and get to know people and eventually hope to sell their products or services.

Wednesday, is my networking day. I have been going to this group regularly and truly have been enjoying it. Last week, I won the slot to present for 8 minutes. In the 8 minutes, we can talk about anything we want.  From what I have seen, the default is an 8 min commercial of one’s business. In a nutshell, 8 minutes of shameless plug :)

As I prepped my PowerPoint in the days prior to my 8 minute talk (I’ve heard people hate PowerPoint), I thought, how can I not make this suck? Then it came to me: I was going to provide value.

The past month, every week, they have heard my 30 second commercial. They know what I do, they know what I sell. So oh joy! or oh bore, 8 minutes of that this week? I should just play them one of my YouTube videos and sit down.

But this is my 8 min chance to sell me, so what should I do? I’m expected to talk about me, but should I?I did do what they expected but not much… and with a twist.

Value over products

I briefly introduced me, presented my company’s founder and mission statement, one of our fundraiser results, the products, and why I do what I do.

Then I transitioned to what I have learned the past year and how I was able to make changes that they too can make to grow their business. I saw the attention focus on me and people were more interested in listening.  Was I just imagining this. Maybe.  I had their attention and I brought value to them because it was something that can help them and not just me telling them to buy from me.  I brought them value (to them instead of to me and my products.

The next time you are to asked to talk about you for anything more than 30 seconds at a networking event,  I highly recommend you bring your value, not just product.  Your business and the people around you will appreciate you.

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