Origami Owl by Jennylou Raya

I was so excited as I watched Origami Owl Custom Jewelry unveil to us the news of their exclusive partnership with Swarovski (as in crystals) this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Being into all things pretty, I knew right then, that our brand just moved up many steps higher. Just as Chrissy, Bella’s mom has always said, “We just get better” and truly as you are about to see, we do. For those who have no clue what the big deal is with Swarovski, watch this video and may you too be excited with the partnership of Swarovski and Origami Owl Jewelry.
If you do not see the video, please use this link http://youtu.be/xrOtxCty0ro

Tip #1 Pack accordingly.   Keep in mind the climate and the things you will be doing over there.  Make walking from convention to hotel or your car as easy as possible.  Flat shoes and light clothing. I did the heels thing last year and though so cute, it was tough.  Despite the heat, add a sweater, scarf, or shawl to that suitcase of yours.  The inside of the Convention room is cold to freezing!  Beyond these tips, pack and wear what you would feel good in. Don’t worry about what others are wearing.  If you feel great in jeans while others dress up or vice versa, you’re all set.  The Gala ranges from gowns to back dress  to causal dress pants. I will be packing a variety as I dress the same as I eat – whatever I feel like at the moment.

How to Pack Origami Owl Convention
Tip # 2 Plan your entry and exit to the city.
I am flying in Thursday and leaving Sunday.  Just like last year, I plan on taking the cab to and from the hotel. A taxi from the airport to the hotel is $20 and fit 4-5 people.  If anyone else is coming/leaving in at or around the same time, we can split the cost of ride.  Other Ind. Designers are talking about taking the rail, public transportation, Über and Lyft.  Some are thinking about renting a car from the airport. Whatever you do, just get there
o2 Convention Taxi
Tip #3  Have access to your cellphone at all times.
That also means, have a battery charger with you.  The only thing worse than not having your cellphone is having it but not having battery. There will be charging stations (tables and sections of the convention o2 has set up to plug in our devices and charge them.  The downfall to that is you are sitting there while it charges.  Get on Amazon.com and get a portable charger.  Charge your phone while in your purse as you walk from point A to point B or sitting in General Session.  In case you need to reach me, here is my contact info.  Text is best as lots of times it will be too loud to talk. Jennylou Origami Owl San Diego
Tip # 4 Get a Room.
If you have not already, get one.  There’s nothing worse than going to your destination and all the rooms are packed and you are there with your bags.  Those who have already told me that they needed a room, I have reserved them.  I have my own room this year as I am a late sleeper and my 3 roommates all went to bed well before I wanted and could go to bed. For those who want to keep me company,   I will be offering mini workshops to those interested. I am also staying at the Sheraton. Sheraton Downtown Phoenix Lobby This is what you see in the ginormous lobby of the Sheraton, just off to the right.  In case, you do not see the hotel front desk, you may see a sign to mark the spot =) Convention Sheraton Hotel  Lobby Welcome
Tip #5  Know thy Food Options.
The shopping center across the Sheraton has plenty to choose from.  I eat practically anything so I can go wherever.  Last year, sometimes we went as a group and sometimes we split up and ate wherever.  For those who don’t sleep, there are places open late too.  The attendees this year is double of that last year so it may take some time and patience to get food anywhere.  Breakfast: Starbucks, Corner Bakery (or something like it) is in shopping center across the street from Sheraton.  Sheraton has a restaurant attached to it and there is a coffee stand near the lobby for those who want the closest thing.  Lunch: Friday, o2 provides a boxed lunch.  Saturday is on our own. Convention Center has several eateries there on site or we can walk to eateries a block or two away.  FYI, it is dessert hot in PHX and short distance make everything feel longer.  Dinner: I will be there Thursday night and have no particular plans.
Mi Amigos Phoenix Downtown
Maybe, Mi Amigos again. That Mexican restaurant was pretty good.  Friday, itinerary says Team Dinners.  My mentor Leslie Rhoads is working on dinner plans for Friday night but that has yet to be finalized.  It has been real hard to plan dinner as many have reserved the space and places already.  We may just simply wing it. Saturday night is a dinner and awards ceremony with o2.
Tip #6 Do things early.
If you are coming in Thursday, do your registration that day.  The earlier the better in avoiding the lines.  Lines will get longer as more and more people arrive towards later Thursday and early Friday.  There will be signs posted and you pick up your name tag, etc. at designated booths.  Do your shopping early too – Thursday morning is best.  The lines are shorter and the items are plentiful.  Last year, neck forms were sold out pretty quickly. o2 Store Will be open starting Thursday.  Make room in your suitcase to carry things back or you can ship things home from the o2 store.  A large neck form fit the Vintage o2 bag perfectly along with all my other sway I purchased. I was able to carry that as a carryon with no additional cost on my flight home. o2 Convention Entrance
Tip #7  Be ok with not being together all the time.

One of the reasons we attend convention is to meet those in our team we have only been taIking to online, or on the phone.  I am definitely looking forward to meeting each one of you at some point. My team is spread out nationwide and during convention, our team is spread out between different hotels, events and the many activities led by leaders inside and outside of our team.  With this said, do take note:

Sitting all together can be tough.  When they open those convention doors for seating, all runs to them.  The majority will reserve rows of seats, while others strongly will push that there is no reserving of seats, and are of the first-come-first-serve mentality.  There are no seat reservations are allowed but I did notice that there was a Reserved section for Directors. If there is a face-off between who seats are their’s, the louder seat-saver wins that battle.
General Session Origami Owl Convention
If we get split up, do not assume I do not want to be with you. I would be the first to assume that one wouldn’t want to be tied to me.  I’m a free spirit and don’t mind being alone but I did worry last year that some people were left out of the group because there were not enough chairs in our row, at the eatery, or at the gala.
Tip #8  Conquer by Dividing.
Due to the many breakout sessions listed, I recommend the splitting up and and taking of good notes and then coming back to the rest of the team to report what was covered.  The info in sessions may or may not be posted in the back office in the future.  If one had to go to just one class, I recommend the  Maximizing Your Earning Potential.  I attended this with our Director Heidi Russel last year.  She will be sharing with you how cultivating good habits and a team makes Origami Owl so worth it.  Here are 2 other classes that were offered last year:
How to Book Jewelry Bars IMG_6945
Tip #9  Be honest and follow the golden and platinum rule.
Do not take more than one towel or freebie that is being given out.  o2 knows how many are attending and they know how many they are to give out.  Don’t steal from the company and a sister/fellow owl.  One’s attempt to make their pockets a little sweeter with more swag takes away from the experience of someone else as some does not get one.  See this towel?  I was so glad to get just one – not 2 or none.
o2 Convention swag towel
Tip #10  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Some people were so tied up about the minors that were were losing the majors.  For example: Stop worrying about what you should wear or what you think someone is thinking about what you are wearing or voicing your opinion about how someone spent too much on their clothes or how you can only afford nothing.  It’s not nice to others and it is not nice to ourselves.  Do with what we have and let others do as they please.  We are here to learn, celebrate, and be with others owls. Personally, I like to dress for the occasion. Here are pictures taken on the nights of the 1st Annuowl o2 convention. Whatever you wear, enjoy the moment!
White Out Party
The White Out Event lights

White Out Origami Owl

This was my White Out Outfit

This was my White Out Outfit

Gala NightBella Weems on Piano Convention Gala My O2 Sister in Black Attire The Gala Night Lights
Origami Owl Gala Dinner Plate Origami Owl Gala Night Dessert
Here is my short video recap of last year’s convention:

Be a savvy summer shopper with Origami Owl.  With a $95 purchase you can get the ‘Celebrate Summer Look’ for only $39*. Look includes 8 pieces of Origami Owl Jewelry to create a variety of looks to suit any occasion. Celebrate Summer Look Origami Owl $39

Take a closer look at the pieces included in this special offer found on my Origami Owl site:

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Every day, Origami Owl strives to make you the greatest and the best when it comes to lockets and charms and its customizable jewelry line. This coming Fall season, you are going to be head over heels with all the things to come.  Us, Ind. Designers got a little tiny sneek peek last Tuesday in an internal company webinar by Chrissy Weems, and I can’t wait until we have the green light to share it all with you! But before all the ‘new’ that is to come, I would like to take this moment to let you know of all the things to go. This means, from now until August 10 (or while supplies lasts), you still have the chance to take a last look and shop our ‘Bye Bye Birdie Collection.’ But you must hurry, because once these items are gone, they are gone! These Last Look items are leaving, mainly, in order to make room for future items that we think you will love, and that includes new designs of current charms included in the Bye Bye Birdie Collection.  For example, ALL birthstone charms are going bye bye, so if you are wanting to “matchy-matchy” all your kids in a locket or have been procrastinating giving grandma a charm to represents her newest grand baby, now is the time to get them these.

Some were caught of guard that so many are on the Bye Bye Birdie List - or sheets – but also keep in mind that many are leaving because they are seasonal or limited edition items and were never meant to be here for an extended amount of time, such as the ‘perfume bottle’ in the Celebrating the Women we Love Collection brought out for Mother’s day, and some of the ‘class of 2014′ items in the Graduation Collection.

To be honest, my heart is a little heavy to see another one of my favorite locket going bye bye – the Large Rosegold Locket with Crystals – but I must remind myself that every time there was a ‘Bye Bye List’ that we were so sad about, the moment the new Take Out Menu hits our eyes, it’s all sunshine and rainbows all over again!  The sadness over Bye Bye Birdie quickly flies away and almost instantly, we don’t even remember what we were so sad about.

I will be making my Bye Bye Birdie purchases soon as I like to have what I soon can no longer have, and look forward to an amazing new Fall season for Origami Owl 2014.  I will be getting a Best Friend plate in the large size and silver color, the Silver Pave Key, and the Beautiful Tag as a reminder that all are beautiful in their own way.

What items in the Bye Bye Birdie Collection are you sad – or surprised – to see go?  What are you hoping to see in the Fall 2014 Take Out Menu?  I would love to hear from you =) ***

Check in at http://locketsandcharms.origamiowl.com/PWPShowCategoryProduct.ashx?ProgramCategoryId=119 to see what is left.  Remember, the last day is August 10, 2014 or while supplies last.  Happy Shopping!