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Ask LocketsNCharms

Ask me anything about Origami Owl!! Shout out to my friends here in San Diego! We'll be doing a live team meeting soon! {Origami Owl Video}Convention Haul Let's Talk! Origami Owl Biz Questions My Personal YouTube Subscriber … [Read More...]

Origami Owl Founder Featured on Yahoo!

Watch and listen to Bella's story about how Origami Owl came to be in this video from Yahoo! News. By Sergio Raya Origami Owl Independent Designer #1186 Location: California This hCard created with the hCard creator. … [Read More...]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video How to Stay in Origami Owl - Meet the 199 PV! ~ Jennylou Raya

How to Stay in Origami Owl? Meet the 199!

Lots of new exciting things have just unfolded as far as jewelry and perks for Independent Designers (ID).  There are lots of new eyes looking into becoming an Ind. Designer with Origami Owl.  I have found that one of the most common questions that I have been getting is “What is it to stay in […]


Origami Owl Fall Launch is here!

Well, almost. At the time of this writing, this is what I am seeing on our site: But for you and the time you are reading this, my Origami Owl replicated site will have all the magnificent things they have been leaking to the public since the third weekend of July when Origami Owl held their second annual […]

Origami Owl Fall Collection 2014

5 Reasons to Be Excited about the NEW Origami Owl Fall Collection

Missed the Sneak Peek Video of the new items?  http://www.locketsandcharms.com/origami-owl-fall-2014-sneak-peek/ *** Lots of frenzy on all the pretty Origami Owl jewelry that have been circulating online and on social media, especially now that Origami Owl Independent Designers are receiving their convention packs and catalogs at their door.  I can literally hear each Designer nationwide squeak with […]

Video thumbnail for wistia video Origami Owl Fall 2014 Sneak Peak! - Locketsandcharms.com

Origami Owl Fall 2014 Sneak Peek Video!

You have heard of Origami Owl online and offline.  You may have already seen many of the items that are coming this fall via social media.  Items are not available for sale until August 18 but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to see what is to come.  Have you seen the sneak […]

A Plus Teacher Lanyard Locket Origami Owl

What is an Origami Owl Locket Ambassador with Jennylou?

 Shown here: Large Silver Lanyard Locket Base + Large Pure White Face + 30″ Silver Wheat Lanyard Chain + Hand-stamped Plate + Charms 1. What is a Locket Ambassador? A locket ambassador is someone who promotes Origami Owl lockets and charms through online and face to face interactions, on behalf of an Origami Owl Ind. Designer.   […]

Origami Owl Name Tag

5 Easy Steps to Conducting an Origami Owl Meeting

1.  Secure a location. This can be your home, a room in your community such as a rec center, or even a church.  Wherever it is, I do recommend a private room for the comfort of the one leading the meeting, for your attendees, and the regular patrons of a public place such as a […]

My team has gained 14 new Origami Owl designers in August and 3 in just the last week alone. Come on over to the cool kids club. We offer health, vision, and dental insurance, incentive trips (Maui), prizes, and most of all, we offer love, support, training, and understanding. We have all been there, we all started knowing nothing and yet together, we believe and achieve great things. We are a FORCE FOR GOOD! No designer clothes, big bank accounts, or fancy cars needed. All are welcome and accepted to hang out with us.

Hellos & Goodbyes Bye Bye Birdie with Origami Owl Jewelry

Say hello to the many things to come mid-August but let’s first say good bye to Origami Owl jewelry leaving the nest in just about a week. There is so much buzz going on here around here and online with Origami Owl.  Just last week, Origami Owl’s 2nd Annual convention revealed so many things that […]

Origami Owl Convention 2014 Ted Rubin Presentation #O2GROW

This is Ted Rubin’s presentation. He gave an awesome talk on building relationships at the Origami Owl Convention #O2Grow. My favorite quote from the presentation is on slide 6: A “Brand” is what a business does, and a “Reputation” is what people remember and share. (center> ROR, #RonR… Build Greater Intimacy. Origami Owl 7.26.14 from […]

Video thumbnail for youtube video Origami Owl Partners with Swarovski - Origami Owl Jewelry ID 1186

Origami Owl {Custom Jewelry} Partners with Swarovski {Crystals}

I was so excited as I watched Origami Owl Custom Jewelry unveil to us the news of their exclusive partnership with Swarovski (as in crystals) this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Being into all things pretty, I knew right then, that our brand just moved up many steps higher. Just as Chrissy, Bella’s mom has always said, […]

Arizona Origami Owl Convention 2014

10 Tips for Making the o2 Convention Experience a Breeze in 2014

Tip #1 Pack accordingly.   Keep in mind the climate and the things you will be doing over there.  Make walking from convention to hotel or your car as easy as possible.  Flat shoes and light clothing. I did the heels thing last year and though so cute, it was tough.  Despite the heat, add a […]

Celebrate Summer Look Origami Owl $39

‘Celebrate Summer Look’ Special for only $39* – Origami Owl

Be a savvy summer shopper with Origami Owl.  With a $95 purchase you can get the ‘Celebrate Summer Look’ for only $39*. Look includes 8 pieces of Origami Owl Jewelry to create a variety of looks to suit any occasion. Take a closer look at the pieces included in this special offer found on my Origami Owl site: […]

Items available until August 10, or while supplies last, which ever comes first.

Last Look at Your Favorite Items! {Origami Owl Custom Jewelry}

Every day, Origami Owl strives to make you the greatest and the best when it comes to lockets and charms and its customizable jewelry line. This coming Fall season, you are going to be head over heels with all the things to come.  Us, Ind. Designers got a little tiny sneek peek last Tuesday in an […]

Bella of Origami Owl featured in Teen Vogue Magazine

I met Bella for the first time in January of 2012 at the first SOAR event held here in San Diego. She was this tall beautiful girl that was bright and bubbly who clearly loved life.  It is almost hard to believe that even over a year later, she has yet to graduate high school, […]

Welcome to Origami Owl

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Me and Origami Owl!

New products and materials have been added to Origami Owl to easily share the love of o2 to spanish speaking communities and help their Independent Designers stretch their business to new heights. A supplement dedicated to our new products, titled Bienvenidos, is already available in both English and Spanish.  Make sure to contact your favorite Ind. […]

This is the Spanish version of my site http://locketsandcharms.origamiowl.com.  Simply go to the very right corner to switch between Spanish or English!!! Just like that!

¿Habla usted español? ÚNETE AL EQUIPO {Top 5 with Origami Owl ID#1186}

I’ve been asked a few times in the past years if there were anything in Spanish.  Some wanted to read about our products in their own native tongue while some were interested in doing Origami Owl but hesitant as their circles were predominately Spanish speakers and readers. Today, there is good news!  For those that […]

Video thumbnail for wistia video Starting Preparations for the Annu-Owl Convention 2014 - Origami Owl Jewelry ID 1186

3 Things to do Before Origami Owl’s 2014 Convention

Now that taxes are behind me, school is winding down, and lots of things are also coming to it’s close, my head has been refocussing more and more on the upcoming Origami Owl Convention taking place in July. When I think about it, I have a mix of feelings – everything from excitement to a […]

Child Help Origami owl

Be A Force for Good via Origami Owl + Childhelp’s Speak Up Be Safe

Recently, we received news that we have partnered up with an amazing organization called Childhelp, an organization dedicated to help the most innocent, vulnerable, and often voiceless lives. Read more about the partnership here:     100% of the profits from the sale of these charms will go towards the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe […]

Video thumbnail for wistia video The Women We Love - Origami Owl Video Mothers Day 2014 - Origami Owl Jewelry ID 1186

The Women We Love – Origami Owl Video Mothers Day 2014

Which charm celebrates your Mom? Video Link <—-here =) Find her CHARM <—- here  =) Comment on this blog post and I will pick a commenter to receive that special charm for Mom! Want to see all that is available for Mother’s Day?  Items coming soon!  Check on my website to see the latest. >>> Jennylou […]

Child Help Origami owl

Origami Owl for Childhelp on Cathy Lee Gifford Show

Take a stand against childhood bullying and add this Bully Proof Shield Charm to your Living Locket®. It makes a meaningful statement when paired with the Birthstone Charms of your little ones. Even better, profits from the sale of this Charm will protect a child through the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe program. See the […]

Here was their display table!  How pretty, right?!!

Origami Owl Lands in New York City’s Studio 450

I love fashion, make up, and all things that light up so imagine my excitement when I read that Origami Owl was in New York City!!! Yes, yes they were!  I wish I could have been there, but even then, I was so glad that they were there workin’ it!  Finally, you will be seeing […]

Let's Explore all the new things coming in Spring (March 17, 2014) from Origami Owl.

New Charms & More from Origami Owl {Arrives March 17, 2014}!

  I will be pinning more on my Origami Owl Spring 2014 Pinterest board as get the chance to.  Take a look! http://www.pinterest.com/locketsncharms/origami-owl-spring-2014/ Also coming March 17:     And last but not least: By Jennylou Raya Origami Owl Independent Designer #1186 Location: California This hCard created with the hCard creator.

Join me on a new adventure with Origami Owl.  Click on the locket and see why you should be part of Origami Owl today!

Origami Owl Jewelry Spring 2014 Sneak Peek Video

I have already placed an order for my jewelry samples. I can’t wait to share them with you at my upcoming Origami Owl Events, at your San Diego jewelry bar, and on my YouTube Channel once I get them in! Other ways to be In-the-Know with Jennylou ID #1186 Instagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook E-boutique Start […]

Origami Owl iPad March Madness Jennylou Raya 1186

Can I Earn the Origami Owl Kit for FREE? + iPadMini News

You have probably seen them all over the place by now: “Join Origami Owl for Free with Me” or “Earn While you Learn.”  I’ve seen them too.  Many Designers have been doing this incentive since the beginning of the company. But I address it today because with the massive promotions that Designers are doing (due […]

Origami Owl Open Team Meetings – San Diego

Origami Owl February Open Team Meeting with Jennylou ID#1186 Monday, February 24, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (PST) San Diego, CA Eventbrite e-vite Agenda: Meet & Greet Let’s Get Social – how to use social media. Activity – How to create, promote, and mail o2 branded gift certificates. Q & A with Jennylou! […]


Origami Owl: Use the Charm Trays for a More Interactive Jewelry Bar

If you have paraded only just a little bit online or have made your way to a local jewelry bar, you may have seen the variety of ways Origami Owl Independent Designers range in their display tables. This may change a bit in the coming months, but not because the company does not want individuality […]