Designer Hoot Loot and Placing End of the Month Orders for Orgami Owl Independent Designers

Hoot Loot for Designers

Hoot Loot is still in effect for Origami Owl Independent Designers. Do you know how to you can get $25 in free money for every $250 to spend next month?  But hurry, only a couple of weeks left for this deal!  Designer Hoot Loot was originally designed to compensate us for our rewarding of Hostess Benefits at Jewelry Bars that initially come out of our pocket and off of our tables.  Starting April 16, 2013, it will be no more!  No more out of pocket for Independent Designers!

Placing Personal and Customer Orders

There are a few ways to put orders with Origami Owl.  It can get a bit confusing.  What if you used a credit card swiper?  What if you didn’t and took all their credit card payments on order forms and now need to process it, how do you do that?

If you are in my team, give me a call or shoot me an email so I can explain this to you and walk you through your first orders =)

Customers on your E-Commerce Site:

Our Origami Owl websites make it convenient for out customers to place orders with us.  However, ID’s, DO NOT order from your own commerce site and ship to your home.  Ask your Mentor why.  It is not a lesson you want to learn =/

Take Note: Item Availability

There is no guarantee that something ordered at a party will be available later, as inventory changes minute by minute due to Designer and Customer Orders in our systems.  Learn how you can maneuver this best from your Mentor.

Don’t have a Mentor?  Look for one =)

If you’d like it to be me and interested in joining with me, please email me at to let me know that you want to get started NOW in learning all you can about Origami Owl.

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Looking forward to seeing you soar with Origami Owl!


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