To DO or NOT to Do Origami Owl?

I was perusing online in a respected online forum, I read someone post that that despite all the Origami Owl “hype” they have heard that people are no longer selling anymore because demand has died down. Really?!!  The company just started taking Designers in 6 months ago and it has already died down? I beg to differ! This was their message to someone considering joining Origami Owl. Fair enough, they did mention that they are not an Origami Owl rep and this is simply what they “heard” online.

(Update March 2013: The newest person in my team is #23866.  That means that the company has almost 23,000 reps in just a year’s time. There is STILL A WAITLIST TO GET IN and someone personally told me that they were #6000-something on the waitlist.  The desire of people to become an Independent Designer with Origami Owl has not died down).

Since I am an Origami Owl rep, I thought it would be fitting to report what I know from personal experience and to share with you what I have seen in my Origami Owl circles.

Business may have faded for this person they heard from because they are out of friends and family to sell to.  The reality is… unless one goes out of his immediate circle, business will stop. Unless one knows how to create recurring sales, leads, and repeat buyers from their immediate circle and beyond, business will stop.

A second reason as to why someone is not selling Origami Owl is simply because they are on vacation.  The direct-sales industry (the category and business model that Origami Owl is) gives people the right to take a vacation at any time. July is summer and kids are out of school. People travel and have their hours filled.  Yes, you can take your Origami Owl business with you but you may not have the dull on time ad ability to run business while on vacation.

Another reason someone may not be selling Origami Owl is because the Designer did not have such a strong start, got demotivated, and quit.  But this is not limited to Origami Owl. Human nature, we don’t like to do what is not easy or avoid things that hurt.  Having a bad launch party or hearing no’s or not getting enough yes’s can be a real blow to self-esteem and cause one to quit.  This goes for any direct sales company or sales business: if people don’t have a strong start, the enthusiasm fades away.  Unless they do something against it, the natural flow is to stop. One can simply choose to fold the business to avoid the not so fun that comes in this business, or work it.  Think of it as what is is NET-WORK MARKETING…. cast a big net, work, and market the hell out of yourself!
Yes there are bumps in the road with home office, there are things that happen that you rather not happen, but every business has that and one just has to roll with the human errors that occur despite the best intentions.

Do I know of anyone who has personally quit quit?  I know of one person who has and has signed a Designer Termination Agreement to make it official.  Why did she quit?  I personally asked her and she said, it was simply because she just didn’t want to do it anymore and was just bored with it all.  That is what she said to me.  While on the other end of the spectrum, someone mentioned last month that they have 50 people on the wait-list who are so patiently and excitedly waiting to sign up with them.  How much more are joining than quitting?  There are over 4500 on the wait-list.  My upline started with Origami Owl in Dec and she has 300 people under her downline.  300 in 3 months is impressive!

For everyone that has officially quit, I would think that there must be at least 500 that are joining.  This business is easy, fun, financially rewarding, and most of all – there is nothing like it and nothing better than jewelry that you put together yourself.  From Business Builder stand pint, it is amazing too because there isn’t another company that offer jewelry that looks like what Origami Owl has.  When you see this jewelry, you know it is an Origami Owl locket.  I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but I think that that is pretty neat!


Update March 2013 – I have been here one year and 2 months and I am so happy to be here.  Not only is this “job” so much fun, but it is also so rewarding in a dozen ways.  I say you do it!  At the very least, you deserve to give yourself a chance to be successful at it.  Join the wait list at and consider me as your Mentor #1186 (Jennylou Raya)


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  1. Tammy says

    I totally agree with you. I too am a Origami Owl Independent Designer. Since signing up in Feb I have been in the top 10 sales nationwide in March and May of this year. That says to me people are still clearly interested in this unique locket.

      • Rachel W says

        Do you know how long I will have to wait? I signed up on the 9th this month and have several ladies lined up to host parties and purchase jewelry. So sad that I have to wait ;(

        • says

          Hi Rachel,

          I know that it sounds terrible that you have to wait. There is so much you can do right now, today, to move your business along. Please get in touch with your upline. There are literally a million things to do while you wait. There are materials, trainings that your Mentor could be giving you, she can be connecting you with the company’s training and online mediums. She can also be in contact with you on spreading your business while you wait. You just can’t be doing it on your own, you need to be under the guide of a Mentor while you are a DIW. I don’t want to step on toes so I will leave it at that. Providing service to those wanting to host and buy now may be a loss to your pocket in the present time but it will actually reap greater $ rewards later because you have met their needs and because of your great service (them first), they will be your customer for life. If by any chance you do not have a Mentor, email me at (Team e-mail account) to get you set up and started.

        • says

          The wait has been averaging 2.5 months. The last I heard, there were 7,000 on the waitlist. Do not let that alarm you. That is an amazing thing! There is something to be said for a restaurant, events, and venues that have super long lines. What would intrigue you more? A place that has a long wait line to get into despite the availability of s0-called similar things, or a place that claim to be “like it” but is an empty place? There are competitors popping up with reps that have even got down right nasty and critical, but I tell you this: There is no drawback to being on a waitlist. Great things come to those who wait AND take the best opportunity available. See you at the top!

  2. Cyanne says

    I wanted to be an Orgami desiner but to me it doesn’t look finacially rewarding. You have to buy a package worth 150 and then everything you sell 50 percent of the money goes to them. IF i have to buy a package and 50% of the money that I make have to go to them how am I earning money.

    • says

      Hy Cyanne, I am not aware of how familiar you are with sales in general, direct sales, etc. I suggest you look more into the millionaires made my the industry of sales and direct sales. Dan Miller, small business and entrepreneur guru says that any business with a 30-50% profit margin is a good business to get into. My Director has been with the company a little over a year and she just paid off her house. My fellow Designers have bought new houses, bought new cars, and have made a bit of cushion in their daily lives because of Origami Owl. I have been in direct sales for many years and this really pays well for those willing in to put even just a little bit of work. Have you seen the Origami Owl Career Plan with Origami Owl? It is not earning only off of what you sell. Gosh if that were the case, I would not be able to do what I do now. If you have the Career plan and look into it, and understand it, you would really be in awe and see how we all make $. Yes, you buy a package that is the initial investment in the business. The package is more than 50% off everything. Selling that off, even after 1 party, you just broke even and then made some more profit. But it doesn’t stop there, you earn when you share Origami Owl. There is no sneaky presentation to get people to sign, people are practically begging to get in. Those that sign with you, you make 9-15% directly off of their sales and 1-5% on everyone underneath them (depending on your sales and team size/sales). So imagine if you had a team (direct to you and everyone direct to them several levels deep) that sold over $ 2million of lockets and charms for this month, would you not be able to pay off your house? This is reality for someone I know and I am on my way to it too =)

  3. helping friend says

    I have a friend whose number has come up, after waiting 2 plus months. She would love to talk or email someone who sells because she has some questions before jumping in. Would you be interested?
    Thank you

  4. Jes says

    Hi. I just got my link today to sell. I have a few questions i have not been able to find the answer to if you could help that would be great thanks!

    • says

      Hi Jess,

      I had sent you a personal message at the time I received this comment. Hope all is well with you now and Origami Owl. Best of wishes to you =)

  5. Kristen says

    Hello – Any idea how long the waiting period is currently? I have a number in the 5000’s and wondering how long that might possibly take? I’m very excited to get going with this. I have the packet of info from my mentor, and have gone through most of it. Just waiting on my turn to join. Any info you could provide me would be great! Thanks!

    • says

      Hello Kristen, word yesterday just got released that they were letting in 1000 this Thursday.

      We are excited to announce that we will be inviting 1,000 Designers In Waiting to join the O2 family on Thursday March 21st. These Designers In Waiting will receive their customized invitation link via email on Thursday, March 21st and that link will be valid through Monday, March 25th.

      You may notice that the number of invitations sent out over the next several weeks will fluctuate as we gear up to unveil exciting improvements that are coming your way mid-April. Keep an eye on your news feeds for a weekly update….

        • says

          Hello Nikki,
          We have not received word about availability in Canada =( sorry. I will definitely write a post about Origami Owl availability if and when we decide to launch in Canada. Thank you for stopping by!

    • says

      Hi Kristen, just reviewing my comments on here. I believe we have already chatted about this, if not, feel free to email me directly at But to publicly answer your question, we do not know when the next wave will be but simply know that Origami Owl will open up the gates again at a time that when you are in, you will be happy with your experience and are fully supported =)

  6. Lindsay says

    What would be the process to signing a designer termination agreement? How do you go about doing that? I can not find any information about this on the company website…

    • says

      It was great speaking with you Lindsay. When in doubt always look at the Policies & Procedures. Most, if not all, can be found in the 40+ page document. Reading it is a must and will make your Origami Owl business much better. One cannot go where one does not have the map to and one cannot function in best in any area without knowing the guidelines and best practices.

  7. Jennifer says

    One thing I keep seeing different answers on…. What are the sales quotas? What are the website fees? Is there a renewal/yearly fee?

    • says

      Quotas depend on your goal…
      As a Designer…
      To stay in the company roster with Origami Owl, sell 199 in personal volume every 6 months. Volume = retail minus commission (7 PV is on a chain that cost $10 minus the $3 commission).
      As a Mentor…
      To receive bonus/overrides of 9% 10% etc… on your Team’s PV is when you reach your personal PV of 250, 500, 700 along with other team performance levels met. You do not have to do or get Team overrides. If you are interested only in the bare min to stay in, 199PV for 6 months is it.
      To promote, one of the requirements for it to happen is the # of Designers you Mentor doing 99PV for the month. This # of Designers for the month is one of the things that determine what pay or Title you are for the month.

      All this may sound confusing to you and I highly suggest not asking just anyone about it. Simply look at the Company’s Career Plan and read the Policies & Procedures (obtain this from your Mentor) in order to get the truth. Website fees and renewal fees are covered in the Policies & Procedures as well.

  8. trina says

    Dear Jennylou,
    My number has not moved I signed up May 2 can i possibly be waiting 4-5 months? How do you go about getting the owl shirts that i see on your vidio . I love that you have all your youtube vidies . thank you for any input,,,,,Trina

    • says

      Hi Trina, I do not know – no one knows how long the wait is. I emailed you a couple of days ago when you posted this here. I just wanted to add that the ones that just got in are ones that signed up in March but the wait is not based on time period but on the frequency and numbers of the waves being let in, which is based on the ability to keep the demand and everything as a whole sustainable. I do highly recommend you stay. There is no substitute or newer or better company than Origami Owl. It is definitely worth the wait!

  9. D Williams says

    I just received my starter kit. I was not able to purchase the larger so I was shipped the Starter Kit. I’d like to set up an online party for a few friends that are interested. I could not find anything on the website.
    Any thoughts?

    • says

      I answered this question via direct email last week and you replied that you already had a Mentor. Hope you got a hold of her =)

  10. Sharon says

    What if you will be added as a designer next week (which I expect will happen since my number is very close) and my upline (whom I have never met) will not return my emails. She has been NO HELP whatsoever. What do I do? Can I move to a different upline or am I left to fend for myself and she gets all the bonuses?

  11. Shana says

    can o consultant make and sell the lockets at craft fairs or in booth malls as long as the price reflects the original origami owl price?

    • says

      You can sell them in craft fairs and such but not in brick and mortar buildings. This direct sales model is not for resale of products in standalone buildings – at least not for Origami Owl.

  12. jenna says

    I just started about a week ago I got my stuff and I had a couple people order right of my website how come I cant see that those orders have been ordered? it only shows my two orders I have for my up coming jewelry bar

    • says

      If they were ordered on your website, you will not see them under your jewelry bars even if they were ordered under the jewelry bar link. To see these website orders, go into your back office, Click on Orders and there you can see your closed orders. If you do not see these orders anywhere, call The Nest before the next payout cutoff to get commission for these. Be quick as we get paid out within 7 days or less.