Military Charms No Longer Available

March 2013 – They are no longer available =/


Heading off to do an even in a couple of hours on a local military base.  So much to do still to prep but wanted to share what we have that someone serving or supporting would love!  If you are reading this to during or after an event, please make sure to join my mailing list to get your catalog.

Also, I have donated a locket for this event’s auction.  Make sure to ask the event coordinator how you can get it on winning!

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  1. Breanna Bell says

    i was looking for an air force charm for my necklace and they were not on the orginal website. do you happen to have any on hand?

    • says

      My apologies, i just checked and I do not have the military charms available. I thought I had an doubles but do not. I do wish i had them in stock as my city has all branches of the military.

  2. Jessica Zeilman says

    Hi there! fellow origami owl consultant {New Consultant} but I am looking for a US Army, Navy, and Airforce charm. Do you have any of those I can take off your hands? Thanks!

  3. Diana Broussard says

    Hi, I am just finding out about origami but I am desperately looking for the military charms and they are retired? Any chance of finding one or more?. Thanks for any info