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My Origami Owl Team Reps by State

Jennylou —  November 21, 2012 — 8 Comments

The Haute Parliament Team – by Location

How I Give Back to You

As a bonus for being a Designer on my team, I will list and promote your business on my blog. Why would I do that? Because. . . I want my team to succeed.

My Goal for 2013

My goal for 2013 is to have at least one Origami Owl Designer located in each of the 50 states but more importantly, help people in my team grow in so many ways.  If my Team doesn’t learn and grow, then I would not consider myself as a real Mentor.

Are you on my team, but don’t see yourself on this list? Please email me or text me!

Click on Jennylou Raya, Origami Owl Independent Designer #1186
- OR -
E-Mail: Locketsandcharms@gmail.com

California San Diego

Jennylou Raya e-mail LocketsandCharms@gmail.com.
Independent Designer #1186
Find me on Facebook: LocketsNcharms
Lockets and Charms Blog

California Chula Vista – Eastlake

Angelica McDonald e-mail PrincessLockets@gmail.com
Find me on Facebook: Princess Lockets
Website: angelica.origamiowl.com

California Chula Vista – Eastlake

Stacy Comilang e-mail scomilang79@gmail.com
Independent Designer
Find me on Facebook: OrigamiOwl Independent Designer – Stacy Comilang
Website: Stacy.origamiowl.com

California Escondido

Michelle Gonzales-Hernandez e-mail: girlieglamjewelry@yahoo.com

California Oceanside

Natalie Leonberger e-mail: nleonberger@gmail.com
Website: Nataliel.OrigamiOwl.com


Marnie Weissmark e-mail mweissmark@gmail.com
Website: PeaceLoveHoot.origamiowl.com

Southern Indiana (near Evansvile)

Christal McDaniel e-mail christalwarren@gmail.com
Where to find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent Designer – Christal McDaniel
Website: iAdore.OrigamiOwl.com

Kansas Missouri

Rachel Warner e-mail Rachel
Independent Designer #11283
Find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent Designer – Rachel Warner

Southern Kentucky – North Tennessee (Fort Campbell)

Eva Small e-mail EvaSmallCreations@gmail.com
Where to find me on Facebook Origami Owl Independent Designer – Eva Small
Website: smallcreations.origamiowl.com

Mobile Alabama

Susan Massaro Onderdonk email LocketsbySusan@gmail.com
Where to find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent Designer – Susan Onderdonk
Website: smo925origamiowl.com

North Dakota Willow City – (Next to the Canadian border)

Lori Fecho
Website: orifecho.origamiowl.com

Ohio Dublin – Columbus Area

Megan Wilke e-mail meganw33@gmail.com
Website: Megawilke.origamiowl.com

Ohio Oxford

Sarah Hyatt
Website: shyatt.origamiowl.com

Pennsylvania York

Dawn King e-mail dawnking01@comcast.net
Where to find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent Designer – Dawn King
Website: dawnking.origamiowl.com

Texas – Austin

Rebecca Cordova-Pinot
Find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent Designer – Rebecca Pinot
Website: Rebeccapinot.origamiowl.com

Texas – East

Karen Jimerson e-mail kbobcora@yahoo.com
Find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent Designer – Keren Jimerson

Texas – Dickinson

Amber Benedict e-mail amberbenedict13@yahoo.com
Find me on Facebook: Origami Owl Independent DesignerAmberBenedict
Website: amberbenedict.origamiowl.com

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Origami Owl Independent Designer in business for the love of self-expression and a little sparkle in everyday life. Jennylou Raya has been in direct sales for over three year and have been writing online since AOL came into existence. Jennylou can be reached at LocketsandCharms@gmail.com.
  • Dawn

    I’m interested in becoming a New York rep! Any in NYC yet?

    • http://www.locketsandcharms.com/Contact-Me! origamiowlbyjen

      hi Dawn, yes there some in the state of New York, i just don’t know about NYC. I would love to help you get started in the process. I will email you =)

      • http://www.locketsandcharms.com/Contact-Me! origamiowlbyjen

        Hi Dawn, in my personal team, I do not have anyone in NYC or NY yet. You would be my first there. I sent you some materials this morning. Please let me know when we can connect and get preparations underway to become a Designer with Origami Owl.

  • Harriet

    Hi – do you have any reps in Alabama – am interested – Thanks!

    • http://www.locketsandcharms.com/Contact-Me! origamiowlbyjen

      Hi Harriet, I do not have any reps in Alabama on my team. I do have a Team Member originally from there who is now is local to me. She is doing amazing with Origami Owl and everyone back home she says loves this stuff! I would love to connect with you and share more about Origami Owl. Please send me a personal message at locketsadcharms@gmail.com to get started.

  • Cass

    I live in Nebraska and I am interested. I am currently on the wait list. How many reps do you have in NE?

  • Jodie Elliott

    I am on the waiting list ((YAY)) can you please tell me how many reps are located in Illinois, near the Chicago area?


    • http://www.locketsandcharms.com origamiowlbyjen

      Hi Jodie, the company does not release to us its number of reps in an area. In my team, i do have one in Jerseyville, IL and Bolingbrook, IL. There probably are reps near you but remember that people buy from people they know and like – so be known and be likeable…. and if you are that one, you have an advantage over any other designer that come around your customer’s way.