Origami Owl Business Cards for Independent Designers

Have a business card that gives out the information you want as their Origami Owl Independent Designer. Origami Owl approved business card with my Origami Owl Independent Designer business:


Origami Owl business card

Help them see first the most important way to connect with you.

I have my phone number listed first.  This will probably be used as the least way to contact me but it gives instant credibility that I do exist. I have seen cards without phone numbers and I feel odd about that even though I would never give them a call first, I still want to know or be able to verify someone if I ever needed to.

My blog is right there following my phone number.  Though my blog is not customer focused, I do have it on there.  If there is anything they want to know more about me and Origami Owl, my blog would be my preferred source for them to learn more.

Email is the most used form of comunication with me.  I have an email account for my team and my clients.  Here on the card is the email for clients.  Future team members are later directed to the team email.  It is clearly right there and easy to remember.

What is the deal with ‘LocketsNcharms’?  It is what I have branded myself online.  Locketsandcharms was too long for Twitter and other social media platforms.



Now it’s you’r turn to share your card.  Which one did you get and why?  If you are part of Haute Parliament, share in the comments box =)

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