Origami Owl Company & ID#1186 Specials

Looking for Origami Owl specials, pop up shops, and giveaways with me?  Look no further! Past and future customers of mine are able to join my private Origami Owl VIP Facebook group.  This group is not just for everyone.  You must meet one of the following: 1). Have met face to face at one of my events, 2) connected at one of my jewelry bars, or 3) Have placed an order with me (in person or online).  Meet 1 or more of the qualifications for the VIP group and send me your request to be added. Notify me via locketsandcharms@gmail.com.  You won’t regret joining me for all the goodies =)

Click on image do request entry into my Origami Owl VIP group.
Click on image to request entry into my Origami Owl VIP group.  Admin approval required for verification purposes.


These are a sneak peak of the Origami Owl Specials I availed in the past:

five silver origami owl living lockets with family themed charms

Origami Owl chocolate colored locket with crystals and love charms

As per company policies, all current and future specials of Ind. Designers may only be received directly from them and not publicly posted online.  Feel free to contact me for my specials by emailing locketsandcharms@gmail.com or via Facebook at http://facebook.com/locketsncharms

Specials are also available to those who refer sales, jewelry bars, and fundraisers as a token of gratitude for sharing me with your friends and family