Origami Owl Starter Kit – Which Origami Owl Package should I get?

My Origami Owl Starter Kit Guide – Which Origami Owl Package should I get?



September 3, 2012

This is a question I hear all the time and in one word, I would say, the BIGGEST ONE you can afford!

Five reasons why – 

  1. With the $149 Origami Owl starter kit, you will want to keep all for yourself or on hand so that you have to show other people.
  2. You keeping the products means no immediate sales, no fulfilling someone’s impulse to buy, and no one is wearing your locket which leads to future word of mouth and sales.
  3. The $399 Origami Owl kit is heavily discounted…over 60% off across the board and the business supplies are free.  The next time you buy or replenish your kit, your discount is only 30% on lockets and chains and 50% on charms, plates, and dangles.  Buying more now is more profit for you later.
  4. Getting the $399 Origami Owl Kit or Party Package also puts you into personal volume for the month at $200! Reach $250 and Origami Owl awards you $25 Hoot Loot.  What is Hoot Loot? Money you can spend on Origami Owl products in your back office. Buy $25 PV in charms and sell if for $50.  That is $50 in your pocket when you sell them off your table or event!
  5. Having a good variety to show at an in-home jewelry bar (home party) or at a vendor event makes you feel great and look great. Ask yourself, “If I were a customer, what would I like to see? Would I go to a full Target or an empty Target? A packed sushi house or an empty one?”

Keep in mind that all kits vary depending on supply at The Nest and that this is January 2012.  But for a rough idea of the 399 Kit, this is what I got in mine:

10 Person Party part 110 Person Party part 210 Person Party part 3

Invest Wisely

With that said, having the smallest kit won’t kill you, it just won’t be as much money or wow factor when you launch at home or at an event.  I have never met a Designer that said, “I wish I started with a smaller kit,” but I have heard and read it over and over again, “I wish I had gotten at least the $399 kit” because they needed to keep what they had or sold it off so fast!  Think as a business owner, an investor, and as a customer. As a business owner, what image of you or your products are you trying to portray?  As an investor, would you invest in you and your products and does this look like a promising and worth-while investment of time and money?  As a customer, think “Is this something I want to have and where I want to put my hard-earned money into?  Is she the rep I want to spend it on?”  Think on these things and take a look at the Launch Packages Origami Owl offers.
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Like what you saw on this post & are interested in purchasing the items?

For 1 on 1 help choosing the perfect gift e-mail me at jennylou@locketsandcharms.com
You can also shop for more personalized creations at

Need a gift fast? How about a Gift Certificate? Order an Origami Owl Gift Certificate at
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  1. Tracy Cole says

    If you buy the business basics package when you begin, can you ever go back and buy a 10-person party package later?

    • origamiowlbyjen says

      The answer is no. After you have used up your kit as in ‘sold them off,’ you can buy at your discount (30% off lockets and chains, 50% off for dangles and charms) and sell them at retail for profit. The biggest discount is at the purchase of kits.

      With the waitlist being the length it is, future Designers have time to save up. They can also do an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar with their Mentor to earn free and discounted Origami Owl items for sale later as a Designer in Waiting is not permitted to purchase at whole sale or sell Origami Owl for profit until they are official.

    • says

      Hi Laura,
      You can switch your package up until you get the invite and purchase the 399. What you pay for is that you get, regardless of what you said earlier on the Waitlist.

  2. sue esposito says

    Hi. Just curious if I could become a designer? At best, I am only able to afford the 149$ kit, and barely. I live paycheck to paycheck. Would I be better off waiting a long while to get the 399$ kit (like next years tax refund) or to buy 149$ kit. If I had to wait several months to buy more expensive kit, would that be better? Can I make a good profit, even if I only buy smaller kit? I absolutely love the product. I ordered 2 living lockets, charms, plates dangles etc, for me and my nine year old daughter! I became so passionate about this unique product, I am now interrested in selling.:)

  3. Laura says

    I am a DIW and i am loving on the info you give :) I just watched your video on which kit to choose and i LOVE the black shirt on the mannequin behind you to the left! do you make it yourself?

    • says

      hi Laura, you ares so welcome on the videos. That shirt in the backdrop is made by O2. i was able to buy it online when they had it up for a day or 2 and that was it. They had it for sale at convention and i did buy another one there. There is word that if it were to be available online again, it would probably be at the end of the year.

    • says

      hi Laura, it is a shirt that i bought last year and was sold again at the convention. i do not know when they will offer it for sale again =)