Origami Owl Waitlist – Update: How Long and What to Do While I Wait?

Origami Owl Waitlist


THE WAIT IS OVER!! AS OF SEPTEMBER 5, 2013, ORIGAMI OWL HAS OPENED THE GATES!  Learn more at: http://www.locketsandcharms.com/origami-owl-wait-list-is-now-over-video-how-to-join-with-a-mentor/ 




UPDATE May 2013:

There is no word on when the next wave will be. Origami Owl has grown even more in demand via those wanting to represent the company’s products and as gifts for Mother’s Day and every day.  To help ensure that The Nest is able to support new Independent Designers and customers, current designers in waiting (DIW) will have to wait a little bit longer.  Do not see this as a bad thing.  This is for the better.  It is best when a DIW come in and tell their friends and family about their new business, and have all the backings one would expect from who they paired with to represent.  You will not only have an amazing platform and support in your new business later, but also have the confidence that you are providing the most beautiful lockets and charms found anywhere else.

Keep checking your spot on the waitlst through here: http://www.origamiowl.com/tools/diw-placement.cfm.

Consider doing the following 5 things while you are a DIW:

1. Share with friends and family that you are a DIW.  What you do today comes to full fruition 30-60 days from now. Start building the foundation today.  Your kit arriving is not the foundation of your business.  What you do before it arrives is.

2. Host a virtual/catalog party.  This lets people know of your future business and gets them thinking of joining with you and buying from you in the future.  As a Host, you earn free jewelry for yourself and your future display.

3. Open up a separate checking account for your Origami Owl transactions.  This will help you keep better track of what you are earning and spending.  It best to avoid commingling it with your family’s personal bank account.  Much easier come tax time too.

4. Look for a Mentor AND Train with your Mentor.

5. Nothing passes more time better than a little shopping.  Build your table setup.  Visit places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, and places like it in search of owls and turquoise.


UPDATE April 2013:

DIW Wave Update – Happening April 16, 2013.  Origami Owl will be sending 1,000 invitations out to Designers in Waiting.  The last buzz online is that there are over 10,000 Designers on the waitlist.  At this point, I do not know how long the wait is.  I had ladies that came in a few months ago and had only a couple of weeks wait and I have ladies right now still a DIW for about a month.  In a nutshell, the wait is simply based on how many signed up before you and how may The Nest are letting in.  So get in line and sign up already.  It is free and you can always ignore/decline the invitation to represent.

Already signed up on the list and want to check your placement on the list?  Enter you waitlist code here: http://www.origamiowl.com/tools/diw-placement.cfm.
Want to learn more or just sign up already?  Go to http://locketsandcharms.origamiowl.com/join/how-it-works/ and enter my Mentor ID #1186.  Remember to shoot me an email at hautehoot.jennylou@gmail.com so I can personally congratulate you and send you things to get you started!


Jennylou ID#1186


UPDATE March 26, 2013 :

DIW Wave Update – Happening Thursday

We are excited to announce that we will be inviting 1,000 Designers In Waiting to join the O2 family on Thursday March 28th. These Designers In Waiting will receive their customized invitation link via email on Thursday, March 28th and that link will be valid through Monday, April 1st.

**UPDATE September 17, 2012: Welcome NEW Origami Owl Designers! Although the Origami Owl waitlist is growing, Thursday, January 3rd will be the next release date for our Designers in Waiting (DIW).


Wave 14 and welcome Designers in Waiting with numbers 6026 through 6775 on Tuesday, September 18th!!! These Designers in Waiting will receive their customized sign up link via email tomorrow, September the 18th. These links are valid through Friday, September 21st. Look for details on wave 15 next Monday, September 24


The waves will continue to open up.  This is so exciting!  Before, they were only letting between 250 – 500 Origami Owl Designers per wave or a given week.

So the burning question you might have… “How long is the waitlist?”

September 17, 2012

I personally do not know. The waitlist did start at #1 and basing it on the statement above, the number of people who signed up can be past 7,000 people at this point.

“How long does it take to get off the waitlist?”  Apologies again, we do not know that.  BUT what I do know is this:

The longest wait is over – the period between March 15 and when they started rolling out the waves for new Designers to join, July, was it?  Now, every week, they are letting Designers join.

There is so much to do while you wait. The Nest or your future Mentor will  provide you lists of things you CAN and CAN’T DO while you are waiting.  Believe me – there is plenty to do and you’d want to do, so once you get that kit, all you have to do is fulfill your friends’ and family’s excitement, orders, and reel in the sales.

If you skip out on these things while you wait, you are not maximizing the potential to its fullest.  Didn’t open up a separate checking account or an email for your new business?  Didn’t get on the weekly company trainings available to you?  Instead of hitting the ground running, you are confused on what you are to do first.  Of course there is nothing better than hands-on and actual on-the-job training but being familiar with the Origami Owl systems and trainings would really help your business soar.

Did I mention, that you can even direct others to the waitlist and they can sign with you later?  Yes they can!

You can join now or you can join later.  Join the wait list and your number will eventually come up. You get an email, you have 3 days to sign up.  If you don’t, that’s ok.  If you do, your kit gets shipped out. If your number passed and later you decide you want to do it, simply contact home office and you will be let in at the next wave.  The simple – no obligation – and one heck of an opportunity to sell jewelry.

If you don’t already have a Mentor and would like to work with me and even join my team, let me know by emailing me at hautehoot.jennylou@gmail.com and signing up on the waitlist. Learn more about the Origami Owl Opportunity here http://locketsandcharms.origamiowl.com/join/how-it-works/




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    • says

      Hello Krystyn,

      It is their new system that is doing this… it seems to be generating a mixture of letters from this point on. The ones that signed up earlier got only numbers but also got a set of these letters. The ones that sign up now get letters and not numbers.
      Why? Because the numbers given to DIW were based on their number on the waitlist but now issuing a number would be useless as those numbers are no longer accurate. At one point, the count was nearing 23k on the wait list and not all were signing up… so they did a sort of a recount by emailing all DIW to verify their interest, and then Origami Owl started issuing those staying on with new codes – letters-sequence instead of new numbers.

      With this, they are able to have DIW check one’s real place in line. You can go to http://www.origamiowl.com/tools/diw-placement.cfm and check your place in line by entering your letters. You will get a number stating what your current number is on the waitlist. This number can change still as people get off and on the list but it is far more accurate than what it once was. Also, your number will go down significantly every time a new wave is let in. You may my in the 3000 range now and 2 weeks from now, your number may be in the 2500 range.

      • Jodi Rowell says

        I am having issue that I had received a word instead of number but when I put this in for a placement it gave me number. I put that in then it could not find the number???

        • says

          Hi Jodi,

          After signing on to the wait list, you will receive an email that are a series of letters. You enter these letters into a link that has a box and that will spit out a number. This number is your current place in line. The number will decrease every time they let people in to Origami Owl and thus meaning that you are moving up in line to becoming an Ind. Designer. If your a # is not being generated, the system may be down for a moment or needs to update. Please try again tomorrow to give it some time to update.

  1. Tona says

    Hi Jennylou, I replied on a different blog that I would like for you to be my mentor. While looking around on this site I saw that you recommend us to ask our mentor to send us information of the do’s and don’t for us while we are on the waiting list. Is there a way that you can send that information to me please?

  2. Angela says

    I recently signed up on the Wait List, and it appears that my number keeps going UP instead of DOWN when I check each day. Why is this? Do they add new Designers often?

    • says

      Hi Angela,

      The number may be going up because people who passed up their invite last week or last year have the option to go back on the Waitlist. they are added on the next wave after their phone call to go back on. For the past month, they have been letting in 2500 designers. You’ll be in quite soon!

      • Crystal H. says

        I am sorry, but those that passed up their chance to become a designer should have to go to the back of the waiting list so that those of us that are still waiting are given the chance to accept or decline.

        • says

          Hi Crystal,

          Thank you for visiting my blog! I know you are eager to join and be a part of this exciting company. What I tell DIW’s is let this moment be a testament to the type of culture Origami Owl is building – take a look at our mission statement here https://www.origamiowl.com/join/join-our-team. I know its easy to assume that with (almost) everyone having the power of the internet right at their fingertips there should be no excuse for DIW’s NOT to accept the Designer agreement, but life happens – emails get lost, a roof needs fixing, or family issues arise and our attention gets easily diverted. How would we feel if we lost our opportunity to join because of ______ fill in the blank?

  3. Angie says

    Thank you for your very informative videos! I signed up for the waiting list recently, thinking as a teacher, summer would be a good time to get this all going, and as Angela said above, my number is going up not down, 17199 to 17202. With 17201 people in front of me, I don’t think this summer it is going to happen! Right now I am getting ready to host a catalog party for my sister who became a designer at the beginning of the year. She only waited a few weeks. She lives in another state and her mentor does as well. I want to sign up under my sister, so she gets the benefit of me becoming a designer, but am wondering if it would it be best for me to sign up under someone more local to me or does that matter? Do you have to sign up under someone, or can you build your own team with your own team name?
    Thanks so much!

  4. J******* J**** says

    Why wait….smh. Go to [website] there is NO WAIT and the company is brand new only … and only … in the USA.

    • sergio says

      If its worth having, its worth waiting for. I’m married to an Origami Owl Designer and I’ve been nothing but impressed. Are they perfect? NO. But they are nice. They are generous. They are fun! but most importantly, they are worth the wait.

      From this man’s perspective: O2 offers an awesome business opportunity that is full of substance and who’s future is so bright I need shades lol. Seriously though, Origami Owl is worth the wait. . . If we had do it all over again and we had to wait – we would soooo wait =) If you want for info from a husband’s perspective shoot me an email sergnotes@gmail.com. I’d be more than happy to answer ‘a day in the life’ question.

  5. S***** J******* says

    Hey if you guys like Origami Owl, then you should check out … Jewelry. They are currently … and are only accepting … designers …

    • says

      Hello S,

      Like? Like is an understatement. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Origami Owl. In one year here, I have been able to achieve so many dreams and very well on my way to our beautiful dream home in Southern CA. I don’t know anything about your company but practicing a little bit of professionalism and finding another place to recruit, would be greatly appreciated.

      Oh wait, I did see your company 3 days ago. Why do you all use Michelle Phan’s image of her YouTube video called “My Jewelry Line ‘Ever Eden'” that she released last year in May 2012, in your company’s launch flier?


      Jennylou Raya
      Origmai Owl Ind. Designer
      Author/Owner of locketsandcharms.com

  6. tammy says

    When there is such a long wait to work for this company do you notice alot of people going to work for[…]?

    • says

      Tammy, I have heard some people heading over there because of the wait but that really doesn’t bother me a bit. People are free to choose their own paths to happiness. I know I did and glad I chose Origami Owl. What does bother me is, because of the wait, that the other company’s reps and the Founder of a new jewelry company personally target MY DIWs AND MY current IDs of Origami Owl via Facebook and emails in hopes that they go over there to them. They even target ME. I’ve heard it works for some and they have been swayed, but for the most part it does not work. We can see that even with a wait, Origami Owl’s wait list is past 20,000 while the other company is just 10% in the number of current reps and they have no wait list. That means, people REALLY want to be in Origami Owl or the other company really lack some clout and marketing know-how. With the marketing they do to, my DIWs and Team Mates are horribly annoyed at the tactics they directly experience themselves. My girls that are here, are here to stay. Those who could or would not wait would probably have never been a die-hard Origami Owl anyway and try to bring the whole team down and away. Those are really not the one’s we are interested in having anyway. Everyone that wants to be here can be here, and those who don’t, won’t, or can’t wait, can go elsewhere. Hope that answers your question =)