Remembering 9/11…

I remember it so vividly… the thought of it still clouds my head and the emotions still stir uncomfortably when I recall the events of that day for me.

I was driving to school and the local pop radio was on and they started talking about some news coming in from New York and the people on air were laughing because they were saying that that is just some cruel rumor and sick joke… that HAS to be a lie.

I found myself parking and walked up the college stairs to campus and there were TV’s… plugged in and on in every classroom that had one… and all the students were literally plugged in to them at a standstill.  Some were inside the classrooms they had no business in being in and some stood from outside. We were all watching the TVs.  We were being told and shown images of the plane that had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York City.

And we were all there to see the second plane hit Tower 2 exactly when it occurred… right before our eyes.  And after that, they day, the weeks, and even the months were a blur to me.  The only thing that would recall or tell me what happened that day would be the very same thing that showed me how it all started – the TV.

What told me that it was no rumor, joke, or lie were the stories of those that were lost and never found, the never ending heroes that served their country that day (which many will never be able to tell others about it) and the lives forever changed by an event we never want to experience again.

May we never forget… and may it never replay…  Remember 9/11.


911 Lockets and Charms Origami Owl

Join Origami Owl with Me & Receive Customized Mentorship

We've been O2 Independent Designers and Mentors since January 2012 and we are still growing strong! If you've ever considered joining Origami Owl, I personally invite you to do so, but first, I highly recommend you do a bit of homework and interview for your future Mentor; it's permanent. I invite you to interview me =)

Two main questions to ask yourself before you start the “interview” process:

1. "What is my goal with Origami Owl? A personal discount for myself on the jewelry, or to pay our mortgage month after month?"

Relaying your personal goals to your future Mentor is vital to building a great Mentor-Mentee relationship. This will help you keep focus on your goals and not her goals over your own. I started in this with no reason other than for the personal discount (I'm a tad frugal). A year later, when my goal became paying mortgage, I did just that. For the last 2 years, I have been paying my mortgage month after month. It is work - sales takes work - but it definitely is not impossible. I’d be glad to share with you how I did it.

2. "What are the qualities I would I want from my Mentor? Daily contact or hands off? Do I want someone like me, relatable, and understand where I am coming from, or do I want someone not like me, shake me out of my comfort zone and help me reach new heights?"

I am naturally a reserved, non-pushy, non-confrontational, and family-first woman. If your family is your main focus and 02 is last in priority, I fully support that. I will be hands off.

Come around when you are ready. On the other hand, if you are ready to hustle from the get-go and seek lots of interaction and training with me, tell me! I have daily, weekly, monthly communications set up to do all that you need. I am here for you as little or as much as you need me. Ask your potential Mentor what they have to offer to you if given the privilege of you on their team.

In a nutshell, whatever goals you may be, and the qualities that you seek, find out for yourself if your future Mentor have what you need, and the experience, resources, and capabilities to help you. It is not about who knows the most. If they have an endless desire to grow, learn what they do not know and have a teacher’s heart to lead you where you want to be, they are Mentor-material.

I have an endless array of resources, materials, and tips in marketing, sales and personal development that have helped to make my Origami Owl a viable and profitable business while still remaining family-first.

All that I know, all that I will learn, I promise to share with you. Why? Because ultimately, all that I know, and all that I do, is for you. Connect with me today.

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