What Display Items Come In the Origami Owl Kit?

What display items come in the Origami Owl kit?

This is a question posed by one of my potential Designers in Waiting (DIW) that you may want to know too and so I answer that here:

You may have been of thinking about doing Origami Owl and have been “Googling” and watching my YouTube videos finding all you can about the company – even-more-so if you are a DIW and you just want to be as prepared as possible with business by the time that your kit arrives.

So here we go…

What items can I get through O2 for my jewelry bar and which items do I need locate on my own?

Origami Owl Company Display Table Image
Source: http://locketsandcharms.origamiowl.com/join/how-it-works/

The short answer: None, unless it is paper.

That picture above show some of the display items they have available for purchase in our back office.

From back office:

The tall carousel thing that hangs the lockets can be bought from Origami Owl.

Neck forms – there are 2 sizes for them.  They are linen/burlap type of material to choose from.

Ceramic Owls come in 3 sizes (one not shown here).

Polka-dot bag to store your jewelry trays.

If you are a Designer and you do not see some of them in the back office, they may be out of stock.


This picture also shows some things not available in the back office and need to be bought elsewhere:

The picture frames the show the prices of things are from IKEA,
The white trays that hold in the the smaller gray trays (that do come in your kit) can be found at nilecorp.com,

Standing Tray with necklaces is not from Origami Owl.  I assume nilecorp.com too.
The ceramic dessert dishes and bowls can be found at home stores such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc.

This is my table here at home…

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI-vGAn1p8k (this is a silent video).

Everything here except the jewelry and anything that says Origami Owl on it like the cups, I got from elsewhere, not from Origami Owl.

This video shows my basic set up at an event.  It varies slightly but this is the most of it:

The kit has the jewelry, business supplies as in order forms, and price signage, small gray trays, tweezers, etc.

There is a video of one of my New Owletts, Eva Small, with her $399 kit! Plus all the stuff she got for her business found everywhere else like Walmart and Target.  Go check her out!


Like what you saw on this post & are interested in purchasing the items?

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You can also shop for more personalized creations at

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  1. anna says

    What size is the white trays you got to put the origami trays that come with your kit? can u give me a direct link cause nile corp is so confusing.

    • says

      Hi Anna, thank you for asking…. here is are the exact trays i bought, copied and pasted from my invoice:

      11. #1-1P (W) 1” H stackable plastic Tray (White), 14 3/4”W x 8 1/4”D x 1”H [Color:White] 1-1P (W) $ 2.10 5 Buy

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